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Bust Your Slump
A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill
Your Pipeline in 30 Days

In a sales slump? YOU CAN BUST OUT OF IT!


Not making what you're worth? YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR
Igniting your sales or busting out of a sales tailspin isn't easy.

Just increasing your activity isn't enough.

You must use
generate the sales you need and generate them

Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies
to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days
is the only guide exclusively
designed to give you multiple proven strategies to generate business
"Paul McCord is one of the most pragmatic
trainers in the world."

Jacques Werth,
author High Probability Selling
In Bust Your Slump Paul proves Jacques' point--you won't find any fluff or
filler and you certainly won't find a bunch of useless "hot" new sales ideas
that may or may not work. Instead you'll find a highly focused guide that
shows in detail how to implement proven prospecting and marketing
strategies that will change your career.

You'll learn:
* How to turn the phone into a money machine
* The single most plesant way to fill your pipeline
* How to use your database for quick sales
* How to turn the file cabinest in your office into gold mines
* Why You Need to Take a Sabatical
* Much more

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I got hundreds of dollars of incentives for ya--from some of the
top minds in sales such as:
* Keith Rosen
* Jill Konrath
* Wendy Weiss
* Mark Hunter
* Dave Brock
* Diane Helbig
* Dave Kurlan
* Dan Waldschmidt
* Nancy Bleeke
* S Anthony Iannarino
* Terri Dunevant
* Ian Brodie
* Jonathan Farrington
* Tibor Shanto
* Kelley Robertson

Bust Your Slump is not another book about the newest fads
in selling. Instead, it contains proven pragmatic approaches
to get your sales back on track fast. The strategies are laid
out in a very prescriptive manner so you can roll up your
sleeves and start executing right away. For each of the
strategies Paul provides a success story about how one of
his clients used the strategy to demonstrate the short term
results that can be obtained.

Christian Maurer, Sales Consultant and Trainer
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Whether you sell:
* retail or wholesale
* in a one-time close enviornment or a long sales cycle
* Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer
* a commodity or a sophisticated product or service

Bust Your Slump has strategies that will work for you.
We all know that there is no one thing that will work
for every sales person or every industry, which is what
I like about this book. There is something for everyone.
If a sales rep can't find something in these twelve
strategies that will work for them, either they shouldn't
be in sales or their product just won't cut it in the

Paul Flood, Paul Flood Marketing
News Flash!!!

Bust Your Slumb

Named one of 10 Finalists for Top Sales Book of 2010 by
Top Sales Awards

Named one of
2010's best sales books by RainToday